Our training team are passionate about helping you and your dog be able to enjoy exploring the world together. Whether it’s basic training for your new puppy or rehabilitation for a dog with behavioural problems, we are here to help you and your dog in any way that we can.


What kind of training do you use?

We are best described as LIMA trainers (least intrusive minimally aversive) however we tend not to label ourselves as a specific type of trainers as our training is always changing and evolving. Our aim is always to build up your relationship with your dog by creating trust and respect with as minimal conflict as possible.

How many training session will I need?

How many sessions you will need depends on several things like how quickly your dog learns, what behavioural problems you are facing and how quickly you pick up the training yourself. Generally for basic training for one dog we average 6 sessions and for 2 dogs anywhere from 8-10. The best thing to do is chat to one of our trainers after an initial assessment so they can give you an idea on how many sessions they think you may benefit from to reach your goals.

How often will I need to do sessions?

For at least the first 2-3 sessions we’ll do them a week a part so you have time to practice in between and then move to once a fortnight generally for the other 3 if you need them. We also sometimes do longer gaps for clients that need a bit of a top up every now and then but don’t need regular sessions.

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