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Our training team are passionate about helping you and your dog be able to enjoy exploring the world together. Whether it’s basic training for your new puppy or behavioural problems, we are here to help you and your dog build a better relationship.


1:1 training

All training starts with an assessment, which gives us the opportunity to evaluate the problems that you are experiencing, set goals and discuss what other changes may benefit your dog's overall health.


Once you have a clear path, the following tailored 1:1 sessions will be targeted to your goals and help you achieve the happy, balanced dog you seek. Sessions can be held at various locations depending on your needs. These sessions are between 45 minutes to an hour long.

If you are further afield but would still like to utilise our services we also offer virtual sessions. 


Train for you

Don't have the time to provide consistency to your training??

Let us help and train your dog for you. We can offer training walks which are carried out by one of our professional training team. For those who need either a boost to their ongoing training or to help do the hard work for you. 

Our team will come and pick your dog up, take them out alone or, where appropriate, with one or two members of their own pack for an hour of work continuing with the training that you are going through in your own sessions.

To book, simply message a member of our team or request to book online.


Group Walks
Group Walk 040622.jpg

Our group classes are a great opportunity for clients to carry on with their training in a structured pack setting and work on specific exercises with dogs at all different stages of training. Our team will be there on hand to support everyone, whilst you also have the chance to meet others who have been through similar situations and work together throughout the classes. 


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Do you need some support at your dog's appointments? 

We will accompany you and your dog to your booked appointment and assist you or handle the dog ourselves. Most vets and groomers are not trained or equipped to handle behavioural complications so let us help your dog be calm, safe and comfortable in those sometimes stressful situations. 

Mileage not included

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