These Terms & Conditions (Amended April 2021) are for clients of Holistic Hounds (referred to as Holistic Hounds, we or us) in relation to services offered regarding our dog training classes, individual training, behaviour consultations, animal and human therapies. They are in the interest of safety, responsibility and welfare of our clients (referred to as you). 

The location of all our classes/residential training will be 40 Clares Green Road, Spencers Wood, Berkshire.  Our staff may take your dog to other locations for socialisation, training or veterinary requirements as needed.

We request all clients to complete our registration form in order to process bookings.


Booking for classes

  1. Booking – Full payment to be made to secure your place on the course. This is done via our online portal and confirmation will be sent direct to your email. 

  2. Once the course is started, no refund is available, as your place can no longer be filled.

  3. Travel costs apply to each appointment where we travel to meet you. Personalised quote can be obtained by contacting us.

  4. The residential training fee includes comfortable indoor accommodation and training. The owner is expected to provide meals, medication and any special toys or bedding. If insufficient supplies are provided, the owner will be billed for products used. 

  5. A 50% fee will be due and payable before the dog arrives for the residential training with the balance due on completion or in accordance with an agreed payment schedule.


Group Dog Training Classes


  1. We are limited to groups of 20 at any one time, therefore sessions must via online portal.

  2. Number of people coming to classes – we encourage as many members of the family to attend training as possible. The more members on board with training the faster your dog will learn.

  3. Children are welcome but we accept no responsibility for them, they are the responsibility of the adult they are with. If they are disruptive to class or any of the dogs are finding them too difficult, we may have to ask them to leave the class. For this reason, we recommend at least two adults attending if bringing young children along.  

  4. Classes are for dogs wishing to progress in general training. You must not knowingly book a dog who is sensitive/aggressive to dogs or people onto group training. If you have any questions over class suitability for your dog, please talk to Nathan or Charlotte. We can advise or do an assessment prior to class.

  5. Positive off lead interactions can be a fantastic learning experience for dogs. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a suitable mix in each class for this to always be possible.


Individual Training


  1. Training can be at our grounds, which incurs no travel costs, but you and your dog must follow the conditions set out below regarding the dog training courses.

  2. Sessions may be booked on a pay as you go arrangement or in blocks of six, prices available on our website.

  3. Cancellations – if you need to cancel a session, we can rearrange this to a suitable time given 48 hours notice. Less than 48 hours notice to delay/cancel a session will result in you still being charged for the appointment, Holistic Hounds may consider true emergencies on a one-to-one basis and reschedule without charge.

  4. If a package session or block booking is purchased, no refund will be available once the package has begun however one session (one unit) may be transferrable to another service or product if chosen by the client irrespective of price.


Residential Training


  1. In residential stays, your dog will be trained for a minimum of 1 session per day 5 times a week.  The dog will have opportunities to play with other dogs if considered appropriate. Holistic Hounds will provide at least weekly informal progress reports via email or telephone call. We will review training goals weekly internally and discuss with owner as needed. All training sessions will be documented either via video or written forms.

  2. We document set training goals between handler and owner.  Your dog will then be assessed by the trainer to evaluate the dog’s current skill levels and create a training plan. Training will focus on the areas identified as unsatisfactory during the initial evaluation. Training plan and initial assessment will be sent to the owner for approval.

  3. It may not be possible in some cases to achieve all goals. The trainer will notify the owner if any areas are identified where goals need to be modified. In most cases, however, all goals should be achievable given appropriate time and owner's compliance with training.

  4. The owner recognises that this training will result in the dog obeying and performing for the trainer, and that this may not train the dog to obey and perform for the owner. In order for the dog to obey and perform for the owner, the following must occur:

    1. The owner must understand the basic principles of the training (covered in the final evaluation).

    2. The owner must apply the basic principles of training and protocols.

    3. The owner must not interact with the dog in a way that rewards bad behaviour and/or punishes good behaviour.

    4. The owner must regularly train the dog at to maintain the level of training achieved. 

  1. Before the conclusion of training, a Holistic Hounds trainer will perform a final evaluation. At pickup/drop off, a trainer will instruct the owner. Instruction will consist of the following:

    1. The trainer will demonstrate new skills with the dog and then the owner will have an opportunity to repeat skills with the dog while the trainer observes.

    2. Trainer will also be available via phone, email or video to help with home.

  1. Please let us know if your dog is not spayed or neutered. Female dogs who are not spayed should not attend residential training when in heat. Most male dogs don’t need to be neutered, but we should know so we can be aware and take precautions accordingly.

  2. The owner warrants that he/she has disclosed to the trainer in writing any behaviour that may indicate that the dog may be aggressive to other dogs or people, included but not limited to growling, forceful barking, snapping, raising of hackles, lowering of head and staring, chasing, attempting to bite, and biting. The owner understands that, while the trainer may be able to address some forms of aggression, many aggressive dogs require long-term treatment following a specific plan of action. The owner further understands that some forms of aggression cannot be addressed by Holistic Hounds and are outside the scope of this contract. The trainer reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services for an aggressive dog, in which case the trainer will have no further obligation to the owner. We will take all reasonable and necessary precautions during the training process.  

  3. We are licensed to board and train up to 3 dogs at once therefore your dog might be living and trained with other dogs. 

  4. You provide us with your full permission to remove and/or add collars to the dog.  In addition, you provide your full permission to let your dog off in a public place if our Holistic Hounds trainer feels it is safe to do so.

  5. In the event of a fire on the premises during a residential course, Holistic hounds will immediately evacuate the premises after calling the fire brigade and await further instructions from a fire officer. We will not re-enter the premises to collect dogs or belongings unless a fire officer deems it safe to do so.


Behaviour Consultations


  1. If the consultation is usually between 1-2 hours and we provide a detailed assessment after the consultation.

  2. After the initial assessment, you will then be advised of our recommendation which will be either one-to-one sessions or residential training course.

  3. Ongoing support includes email support for 6 months following the consult and 3 x 15-minute phone calls/messages to discuss your case. 


All Dog Training Courses

  1. All dogs attending our courses must have up to date vaccinations (if you have any questions over this please contact Nathan or Charlotte). This is for the safety of your dog as well as everyone else’s.

  2. Any dog faeces passed at the training ground is the responsibility of their owner/guardian to pick and take home with them or to be disposed of in the designated bins in the area.

  3. Dogs may never be left alone in cars whilst at the course ground and we do not facilitate a second dog attending with you for group classes. Two spaces on a course may be booked and handled by separate people but it is not appropriate to bring two dogs with you and only work one of them.

  4. At all times dogs should be kept on lead and away from contact with other people and dogs whilst on the premises unless explicitly told otherwise. If your dog or another dog is reacting (barking, pulling on the lead or trying to move away) then please increase the distance between yourself and the other dog.

  5. Owners are responsible for their vehicle; we cannot take any responsibility for damage or loss whilst parked outside our property.


Therapy Treatments

  1. Therapies can be booked directly with the therapist and or through the booking system on the website.

  2. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 no animal will be treated without prior permission from a veterinary surgeon. 

  3. An owners/carers signature will be required at the time of the treatment to confirm that veterinary approval has been acquired. 

  4. Treatment is undertaken entirely at the owner's risk, any accident or injury sustained by the handler or other during Treatment, nor will we take any responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings or property whilst on the premises. 

  5. Animals with the following contraindications will not be treated;

  1. No veterinary permission

  2. Dangerous animal

  3. Animal has had a crashing fall unless under veterinary supervision

  4. Animal has an arthritic joint, e.g., animal with bone spavin unless under veterinary supervision

  5. Animal has an injured joint unless under veterinary supervision,

  6. Animal has a hereditary abnormality, unless under veterinary supervision

  7. Animal is ill and has a temperature

  8. Animal has a contagious condition

  9. The animal is pregnant in first trimester

  1. It is the owner's responsibility to notify us during a course of treatment if the animal becomes injured, a condition worsens, or a veterinary surgeon advises treatment should be suspended or stopped. Holistic Hounds has the right to refuse treatment at any time. 

  2. Owners/carers are required to provide an appropriate handler for each treatment and to provide a safe and adequate environment and equipment in order to do so.


Illness and Injury

  1. Bitches currently in heat, if actively in heat (bleeding), are not allowed to attend the training courses. It is unfair and distracting on other dogs. She will also be less likely to cope with training during this period.

  2. This also goes for sick or injured dogs, including dogs who have been in contact with infectious diseases including Kennel Cough and Parvovirus.

  3. If you are unsure if your dog should attend, please speak with Nathan or Charlotte.

  4. We can rearrange any 1-2-1 training to suit, but if you are in group classes your dog may unfortunately miss classes due to this. You can still attend without your dog to maintain continuity of training. Replacement classes can be offered, but please check with Nathan or Charlotte as classes are limited to a maximum of 20 dogs.

  5. If the dog requires non-emergency veterinary care during the residential training period, the trainer will attempt to contact the owner. If the owner cannot be reached or is unable to tend to the dog’s need for veterinary care, or in the case of an emergency, the trainer will arrange on behalf of the owner for veterinary care to which the owner consents as set forth below. All veterinary fees are the responsibility of the owner. If convenient, the trainer will take the dog to the dog’s veterinarian, but the trainer reserves the right to take the dog to a veterinarian selected by the trainer, using reasonable care in the selection of a veterinarian. Holistic Hounds will take all reasonable and necessary precautions during the training process to avoid injury. 

  6. Occasionally an illness or condition that was not diagnosed or discovered previously may present during the residential training period. When this happens, emergency care may be needed. Owner hereby consents to the following veterinary care for the dog, and gives the trainer full authority to consent to such a treatment as the agent of the owner:

    1. In the event that owners or back up contact cannot be reached, trainer will be allowed to make decisions regarding emergency care reasonably required to save the dog’s life, to preserve the use of organs or limbs, or to alleviate severe pain.

    2. In the event that trainer cannot reach the owner, Holistic Hounds will be allowed to make decisions regarding emergency euthanasia, only if (a) recommended by the veterinarian, (b) the owner cannot be reached after reasonable attempts, (c) treatment is not likely to be successful, and (d) the dog may be suffering, or the expense of continued treatment may be unreasonable considering the likely outcome.

    3. If a not serious but contagious (and hindering training) illness is detected, the dog may need to be go back to the owner's home for recovery.



  1. During training we may take photographs or videos of dogs learning and family members may be captured in these photos. 

  2. We will not use photos with children in unless agreed with their parents/guardians.

  3. During therapy treatments we may take photographs of animals before, during and after treatments.

  4. All photographs will be used in both educational and promotional materials. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you give consent for Holistic Hounds to use these materials as stated above including on social media and marketing material.


Delay of Session

  1. We reserve the right to cancel training sessions (group classes, individual training, seminars and behaviour consults) and therapy treatments at our discretion. It is infrequent but if Holistic Hounds need to reschedule a session, such as in an emergency or due to adverse weather conditions including extreme heat, you will be offered a replacement date. This will be a day suitable to you for individual training and behaviour consultations and therapy treatments. For group classes a replacement date will be discussed. Up to two replacement sessions will be offered to accommodate all clients.


Training Methods

  1. Our trainers are proficient in drive-based training, Least Invasive, Minimal Aversive (LIMA) methods and training with rewards. The trainer will choose the equipment and method based on the dog’s temperament and personality. 

  2. Owner must provide a collar for residential training courses. If not provided, the owner agrees to be invoiced for a collar for the dog.


Health & Safety

  1. Do not bring your pet to the course if it is ill or injured, or has been infected with, or has been in contact with another dog infected with, a contagious disease.  Additionally, if your pet is neutered immediately prior to or during the course, please notify Nathan or Charlotte.

  2. Dog training and animal therapy are physical activities and as such handlers are reminded to train with due care and attention to their own safety and that of others. Handlers are responsible for the conduct of their animal at all times.

  3. Holistic Hounds make all reasonable endeavours to always run courses in a safe and professional manner and in accordance with veterinary advice (where applicable) and good practice. We have public liability insurance suitable for a dog-training and dogs with aggression issues. Any physical activity can have risks, however remote. Participation in Holistic Hounds activities is entirely at the risk of the participant. Neither Holistic Hounds, nor its individual instructors or helpers, nor the arena owners or landlords of our training venues, accept any responsibilities, whatsoever, for any injuries or losses sustained which are not covered by Holistic Hounds insurance. Handlers and/or owners remain responsible for their dogs, children and belongings at all times and are advised to ensure they have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by their dog to property or to a third party.

  4. We reserve the right to change these terms and condition at any time and any changes will take immediate effect. It is the responsibility of clients to read and keep up dated with the latest terms and conditions.



  1. We will not take responsibility for misinterpretation of advice. Many external factors influence behaviours, and we cannot guarantee our training advice will be successful without controlling all of these other factors.

  2. For behavioural problems a behaviour consultation is recommended to work to alter dangerous and stressful behaviours. Animal aggression can cause injury, including fatalities. Treatment for aggression is not a guarantee of success and modifying behaviour does not assure the aggression will be successfully controlled. It is your responsibility to ensure safety of people and other animals with regards to your pet. Safety precautions will be advised and may include; limited access to people/animals, being kept on lead, wearing a muzzle and use of gates around the home. We cannot take responsibility for behaviour of your dog outside of training sessions with us.

  3. We strongly recommend all dog guardians/owners have pet insurance including third party liability cover.

  4. Holistic Hounds is not responsible for any injuries or expenses resulting from socialisation or training when the dog is on a residential training course or otherwise. Dogs participating in physical exercises may be injured by running, jumping, chasing a ball, around other dogs, around other humans etc. Holistic Hounds is not responsible for damage to personal items such as toys and beds that are meant to be left in the dog’s crate. Owner hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Holistic Hounds.



  1. All client details are kept in confidence and not passed onto a third party for promotional use. Email addresses are used to inform clients of services and activities as well as current bookings and information. If you would no longer like to receive emails from Holistic Hounds, please let us know. If you do unsubscribe you will no longer be on the list to receive class training information.