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We found Nathan and Charlotte a few months ago . Needed help with our 14 month old Border Terrier. She was a total nightmare on the lead , very loud and shouty when she spotted other dogs and pulled like a train . We had tried other trainers without success. Within five sessions with these guys my terrier is far more engaged with us and walking her on the lead is now a pleasure . I cannot recommend Nathan and Charlotte highly enough!

Lorraine with Peggy

I got in touch with Nathan and Charlotte towards the end of summer and it was the best thing I’ve done. I had seen a few trainers before but had little success with my reactive/nervous dog. Fast forward a few months and I now have a dog who has very few reactive moments where as before, every encounter with a dog there was an episode. I use to dread walks but now I’m now confident and every walk is a pleasure. I can’t thank them enough for educating me and giving me the confidence/knowledge to build a better relationship with my dog

Paige with Bonnie

I have been working with Nathan for nearly a year and without him Jess wouldn’t be here she was very aggressive to people and dogs. I couldn’t walk her or have people in my house, but nearly a year later the change in Jess is amazing and I can’t thank Nathan enough. I am now able to walk both my dogs calmly and walk by dogs without Jess reacting, I can have people round my house and Jess is no longer nervous or aggressive. Nathan has always been there when I have needed him, his support has been amazing. The way he has worked with Jess and gained her trust is unbelievable, no one has ever helped the way Nathan has, Nathan has changed our lives and I will and have recommended him. 

Thank you doesn’t seem enough!

Kirstie with Jess

Where to start?! When Fergus came to live with me at 8 months old I was so excited, I knew was taking on a dog who had a few 'issues' but I was finally able to have my very first dog so, hey, how hard can it be to train a dog? Well let me tell you, it is hard. So hard. Fergus may look adorable but he was a verified leash gremlin. It was embarrassing, difficult, dangerous at some points and exhausting.

So we went to a trainer. And another one. And another one. And another one. Basically we went to six trainers before finally finding Nathan and Charlotte. Now don't get me wrong, positive reinforcement has a place in dog training and those trainers all taught me something, but with the level of his dog reactivity? No amount of 'high value' food was going to work. Quite frankly I could have used the best bit of steak and it would have had zero impact. I tried it all, BAT, avoidance, trying to desensitise him, clicker, praise, I watched so many videos, read so many books and nothing was working.

Then Nathan and Charlotte arrived. One session, ONE SESSION and Fergus was responding with no food in sight. I thought it was a fluke and yes, I was one of those who thought Balanced Training was a dirty word, the methods wrong because that is all I had been taught by positive only training.

It isn't. It is simply teaching your dog appropriate behaviour, teaching them the behaviour you want. Our journey is still continuing, it isn't a quick fix and as an owner you need to step up and accept that your behaviour is contributing to your dog's behaviour...that part is hard because you have only been doing what you think is right. Nathan and Charlotte not only train the dog, they train the owner...probably the harder part of the job...

Fergus and I now walk with other dogs in our village. I have been stopped by people to tell me how amazing he is, how his behaviour has drastically improved. We can walk through a field with sheep with a close heel which was impossible before, his recall off-lead is amazing and the best bit? We don't walk with food. That's right, no more meat or cheese smelling hands! If you are unsure just do it. Have an open mind, listen to them and do the homework...you will soon have a whole new relationship with your dog.

Alison with Fergus

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