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We are proud to say that we partner with Tony Nevin from Zoo Ost Ltd, where we host him for Osteopathy events!

Tony Nevin


Tony is an animal Osteopath with a wealth of knowledge and experience with many different breeds and cases. From animals recovering from injury to supporting behavioural cases, Tony offers an array of services that can help our pets and wildlife begin to feel and move better long term.

He also owns and runs Zoo Ost Ltd where he works with various different animals throughout his carrer.


Animal Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the entire body and not just one aspect. Osteopaths look at the structure of the body, the muscular and skeletal system as well as the automimics and nervous system in order to help the body to perform wholey at it's best from all angles.


Tony is an animal Osteopath with over 30 years of experience in the field. Through his business, Zoo Ost Ltd, he has pioneered a lot of the animal work, run workshops and courses, including the clinical part of the first ever MSc in Animal Osteopathy in the UK and Europe.

He offers treatments for pretty much any animal you can think of regularly working with dogs, horses, elephants and other zoo animals and local wildlife. He regularly works with local zoos and wildlife centres and is also able to treat humans too!

We regularly host Tony for Osteopathy clinics where he is able to offer treatments for clients of ours working in partnership with behavioural cases as well as those recovering from injury or illness.

If this is something you'd be interested in, please contact one of the team to book an appointment.



Laser Therapy generates a chemical response in damaged tissues by a process called photobiomodulation. This process stimulates healing at a cellular level by enabling these damaged cells to more rapidly produce energy via accelerated ATP production.


It is particularly useful for helping to treat soft tissue and joint related conditions. Used in conjunction with Osteopathic treatment we have found it to be beneficial for many conditions and situations.

Tony offers laser therapy, where appropriate, to any of his clients in conjunction with Osteopathic treatments. If this is something you are interested in finding out more about how laser therapy could help you or your pet, you can contact Tony directly using the details below.



High Defenition Infared Thermal Imaging (HD IRTI) The use of of high definition infrared thermal imaging is an extremely safe, and useful way of assessing musculoskeletal problems, and their progress during osteopathic treatment programs. It is a non-invasive instrument that measures heat radiated off the body of a patient due to blood flow directly under the skin. This blood flow is controlled by part of the autonomic nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Studies on humans have found that changes in blood flow under the skin result in altered temperature readings that correspond to nerve pathway patterns (dermatomes) throughout the body. By thermal imaging a patient it is possible to determine areas of musculoskeletal disturbance, as well as build up a database during a program of osteopathic treatment. For this to be effective, all IRTI scanning has to be carried out under strictly controlled conditions to ensure accurate readings are obtained.



We regularly have Tony down for Osteopathy days where we are able to have him available to treat clients of all shapes and sizes.

To book a slot on one of our Clinic days, message one of the team or keep an eye on our social media.

Our next clinic dates for Osteopathy is:

Saturday 13th July - SLOTS AVAILABLE

Other clinic dates:


To contact Tony for any questions, you can use the contact details below:


Mobile: 07831 759339


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