Our team is currently made up of three dog professionals (and our canine helpers!) who had a dream to create a company centred around canine holistic health and care. 


We wanted to create a knowledgeable environment where you could come to get professional advice, have support and learn more about your dogs! Including topics and services like dog training, nutrition, therapy, health and general well-being.


So, we decided to combine our two businesses together to create something we hadn’t yet seen before; a business that encompassed all these elements in one place!



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Nathan Ledbrook

Training and Behaviour Director

Nathan has a passion for helping people and their dogs find harmony and enjoyment in their relationship. He is also passionate at making sure we look at every aspect of your dog in a holistic way to see what may be affecting their behaviour like; nutrition, boundaries, exercise and the overall relationships. He is a naturally confident person who is comfortable dealing with aggression cases and has specialised in people aggression cases for years.

Charlotte Ledbrook

Rescue and Rehabilitation Director

Charlotte has a heart for helping those who struggle with dog behavioural problems and don’t know what else to do. She loves to be able to help people and their dogs to live the life that they want to without fear of something going wrong. Charlotte has a very calm personality making nervous dogs feel more comfortable around her and is very comfortable working with dog reactivity cases having been through the training first hand.

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Amber Calleran (BSc, MSc)

Therapy and Operations Director

Amber is an animal McTimoney chiropractor and sports massage therapist, offering a range of canine, equine and human physical therapy services. Amber started her therapy career predominantly in the equine field with a keen interest in biomechanics. After taking some time off to start a family, Amber began to branch out further to the canine field and is passionate about helping people get the best out of their animals.

Amber has a sympathetic and calm approach with animals to enable them to relax and achieve their best results with treatment. Alongside providing high quality holistic services, Amber can help you recognise the signs and symptoms of pain and discomfort as well as providing efficient and tailored practical aftercare.

Tony Nevin (BSc (Hons) Ost, DO)

Osteopath from Zoo Ost Ltd.

Tony specialises in treating dogs with complicated compensatory movement patterns. These can be the result of a previous injury, abuse, or of a developmental/congenital origin.

Working through these patterns using gentle techniques that engage with each patient, Tony helps to reset the resting state of the musculoskeletal system. By rebalancing the whole-body framework patients usually move with greater freedom and fluidity, whilst owners often note improvements in temperament.

During his career, he has pioneered some of the successful applications of osteopathic treatment to many species of animals, including birds, reptiles, and exotics. His passion is with treating entrenched compensatory patterns mostly found in dogs and horses, as well as people.

Sally McCabe

Administrative Assistant

Sally has recently joined the team to ensure the admin side of things run smoothly. With superb attention to detail, organisational skills and 20+ years admin experience, you can rest assured that everything in relation to your booking and correspondence will be dealt with in a professional manner.


Sally is a friendly mum-of-three and also a dog lover. Being a current client with her dog Lottie, she has excellent insight into how the company functions and what they strive to achieve.

Clara Sweeney

Trainee Behaviourist

Clara has recently joined the team after originally being a client with her dog Oliver. She expressed and interest in learning to become a dog trainer and has since begun working with our team to learn the ropes and begin learning dog behaviour and training. She is a keen learner who is always looking to learn more and do better in everything she does.

Clara owns Oliver and Harley and has a great understanding on the training we do and applying that to training with her own dogs as well as those she works with. 



'Super Nova'

Nova is our 2 year old, working line German Shepherd who sadly had a really rough start to life, she was abused and starved as a puppy before being adopted by her previous owner.

Nova is a sweet, energetic young girl with a whole lot of heart and since being with us has taken everything we’ve asked and absolutely aced it!


'The Dame'

India is our Pointer cross that was rescued from Romania in a bit of a state. She had been badly abused and was severely underweight as well as showing fear aggression to both people and dogs.


Her now balanced energy and calmness around other dogs bring out the best in all the dogs we work with.


'Miss Nut Nut'

Peanut was found tied up to a post in London before being adopted by her previous owners. She was nervous and reactive towards people and dogs and was over obsessive with toys.

She is now great member of the pack as she is super calm, happy go lucky and teaches other dogs how to be respectful of each other.



'Princess Lou'

Lottie is our working Spaniel who came to us at 11 months. She was a nervous little girl who was snappy when scared and was overly obsessive with food.

She has learnt a lot in the time she's been with us and is now an outgoing, playful pup and a real confidence giver with other dogs. 


'King of the Pack'

The smallest but mightiest member of the pack, Odin has been with us since the end of the first COVID-19 lockdown.


After coming in for training for various issues, we fell in love and he slotted himself perfectly into our pack. Odin is a strong personality but is very level headed and is not afraid to tell everyone off for being too silly if needed.


'Dark Destroyer'

Ruby joined Amber's family as a pup, and she may be small but she is mighty and loves to destroy most toys within seconds! Ruby, as most Dachshund breeds can be anxious and lacks confidence in some environments which we tackle with Nathan and Charlotte. 


However she is a little dog with a big heart and is never far from a blanket or her favourite bone.


'Furry Menace'

Daisy is Amber's Jack Russell Terrier puppy! She is new to training but bold and a confident little girl. She has fit into the family with Amber's two children like she's always been there and is a very easy going, sweet girl.


You will see Daisy featured in some of our puppy training videos and as we document her growing and journey with training.


'Tweety Bird'

Lottie is Sallys collie x spaniel. She's a very friendly, young, excitable girl with a very sweet personality. Lottie has come on leaps and bounds with her training and is growing in confidence. 



Clara got Oliver as a rescue from Croatia at about a year and a half old. He is a super sweet boy who is always eager to please and loves doing obedience and learning new things.

He is a lovely boy with a super chilled out personality!



Clara got Harley not too long ago from a local Boxer rescue. He is a 1 year old Boxer puppy who is also deaf so his training is signal based! He is a fun loving, excitable young boy with a big personality and loves learning!

He loves to play and enjoys most game with both people and dogs!