Our team is currently made up of three dog professionals (and 8 of our canine helpers!) who had a dream to create a company centred around canine holistic health and care.


We wanted a place where dog owners could come to get professional advice on anything they needed to know about dogs! Including things like dog training, nutrition, therapy, health and general well-being.


So, we joined our two businesses together to create something we hadn’t yet seen before; a business that offered all of that in one place!


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Nathan Ledbrook

Training and Behaviour Director

Nathan has a passion for helping people and their dogs find harmony and enjoyment in their relationship. He is also passionate at making sure we look at every aspect of your dog in a holistic way to see what may be affecting their behaviour like; nutrition, boundaries, exercise and the overall relationships. He is a naturally confident person who is comfortable dealing with aggression cases and has specialised in people aggression cases for years.

Amber Calleran (BSc, MSc)

Therapy and Operations Director

Amber is an animal McTimoney chiropractor and sports massage therapist, offering a range of canine, equine and human physical therapy services. Amber started her therapy career predominantly in the equine field with a keen interest in biomechanics. After taking some time off to start a family, Amber began to branch out further to the canine field and is passionate about helping people get the best out of their animals.

Amber has a sympathetic and calm approach with animals to enable them to relax and achieve their best results with treatment. Alongside providing high quality holistic services, Amber can help you recognise the signs and symptoms of pain and discomfort as well as providing efficient and tailored practical aftercare.

Charlotte Groom

Rescue and Rehabilitation Director

Charlotte has a real passion for rescue and rehabilitation and has a heart for helping people who are struggling with their dogs behavioural problems and don’t know what else to do. She loves to be able to help people and their dogs to live the life that they want to without fear of something going wrong. Charlotte has a very calm personality making nervous dogs feel more comfortable around her and is very comfortable working with dog reactivity cases having been through the training first hand.

Tony Nevin (BSc (Hons) Ost, DO)

Osteopath from Zoo Ost Ltd.

Tony specialises in treating dogs with complicated compensatory movement patterns. These can be the result of a previous injury, abuse, or of a developmental/congenital origin.

Working through these patterns using gentle techniques that engage with each patient, Tony helps to reset the resting state of the musculoskeletal system. By rebalancing the whole-body framework patients usually move with greater freedom and fluidity, whilst owners often note improvements in temperament.

During his career, he has pioneered some of the successful applications of osteopathic treatment to many species of animals, including birds, reptiles, and exotics. His passion is with treating entrenched compensatory patterns mostly found in dogs and horses, as well as people.



'Super Nova'

Nova is our 2 year old, working line German Shepherd who sadly had a really rough start to life, she was abused and starved as a puppy before being adopted by her previous owner.


Her previous owner went through extensive rehabilitation training without any changes and he then wasn’t able to cater for her needs due to medical reasons so she came to us.

Nova is a sweet, energetic young girl with a whole lot of heart and since being with us has taken everything we’ve asked and absolutely aced it!


'The Dame'

India is our Pointer cross that was rescued from Romania in a bit of a state. She had been badly abused and was severely underweight as well as showing fear aggression to both people and dogs. Her previous owners were unable to cater for her needs and so she came to join the Holistic Hounds team. 


After some one to one work with Nathan, he realised that there was a really lovely dog underneath it all! Her calmness around other dogs and playful side bring out the best in all the dogs we work with. Her balanced energy and just plain chill means we can rely on her every move when working reactive dogs. 


'Little Miss Nut Nut'

Peanut was found tied up to a post in London before being adopted by her previous owners. She was nervous and reactive towards people and dogs and was over obsessive with toys.

Her previous owners had done so well with her, transforming her into a lovely, respectful girl, however, they had a baby who was unfortunately allergic to Peanut and so she came to us!

Peanut is a typical happy go lucky, playful Staffie who loves to play with other dogs and cuddle up and lick anyone she can! She is great member of the pack as she is super calm and teaches other dogs how to be respectful of each other.



'Princess Lou'

Lottie is our working Spaniel who came to us at 11 months. She was a nervous little girl who was snappy when scared and was overly obsessive with food.

She has learnt a lot in the time she's been with us and is a playful pup who brings out the fun in other dogs. She's happy to get up close and personal if she knows there might be a game to play. Her willingness to learn and drive to work makes her a great dog to have around as she's always up for working and keeps up with the Holistic Hounds lifestyle well.

Her fun and outgoing personality bring a whole new kind of energy to the Holistic Hounds pack and mean that other dogs who may not be as confident get invited into the play, cuddles and chill time with Lottie.


'Grumpy Grandpa'

Kalle is a 10 year old Romanian Rescue boy who came to us after his elderly owner became ill and was no longer to cater for his needs.


Kalle is a lovely, chilled out old soul who brings a sense of calmness wherever he goes. He is also a sprightly fella who loves being a part of the pack and going on the occasional long walk!


Unfortunately Kalle is quite unwell and is believed to have lung cancer. He has good days and bad but gets very unhappy and can be snappy when he isn't feeling very well. It is for this reason that we have decided he will be joining the Holistic Hounds team permanently and living out the rest of his days with us - however long that may be!


'King of the Pack'

The smallest but mightiest member of the pack, Odin has been with us since the end of the first COVID-19 lockdown.


After coming in for training for various issues, we fell in love and he slotted himself perfectly into our pack. Odin is a strong personality but is very level headed and is not afraid to tell everyone off for being too silly if needed.


He is most seen under a blanket or on someone’s lap, especially if it’s cold but don’t bee fooled by the little legs! Out on a walk, he’s a pocket rocket and will more likely than not be chasing (and successfully beating!) Nova!


'The Dark Destroyer'

Ruby joined Amber's family as a pup, and she may be small but she is mighty and loves to destroy most toys within seconds! However she is a little dog with a big heart and is never far from a blanket or her favourite bone.