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Throughout the year we run various events including therapy weekends, training clinics, and charity events. See below our upcoming events, if you require further information on the events please get in touch!

All events can be booked directly through our booking system


We offer two different group training walks to suit a variety of needs;

  • Large group walks on a Saturday and Sunday where we meet for 2 hours to walk, play training games and safely socialise the dogs with the close support of our training staff.

  • Smaller group walks can be booked on request. These are a more intimate group where the focus can be more targeted to the individual dogs and handlers.

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We have two options for puppy training, tailored to giving you and your puppy the best start in life!

1. Puppy course

This is 6 weeks of group training with one free house session for you and your puppy to take part in

2. Puppy drop in sessions

These are pay as you go, one off sessions where you can drop in, work on anything you need help with in the session and then practice at home

For more information, message a member of our team!


Partnering with Tony Nevin, Zoo Ost Ltd, we frequently host Therapy Days and weekends for dogs and other animals to receive treatment with Tony.


Offering Osteopathy, Laser and Infrared imaging from Tony, we tailor our treatment to your dog's needs to ensure they get the best treatment and are able to be fit, healthy and happy in the long run.

More information on Tony's therapies can be found on the Zoo Ost Ltd website


Awaiting dates

Our first camp experience last year was a huge success!

The event ran over two days with pet first aid, trick training, massage and socialisation workshops, behavioural clinics and much more! 

Next year upon reflection and client feedback there will be a slight change to the format of the weekend and we look forward to releasing details soon

There will be a small number of tickets available for the 2023 event so be sure to keep an eye on our social channels!


Our team are passionate about educating and are always happy to run educational, interactive and fun talks on a variety of topics.

Some of our pack have visited schools, fun days and events to help teach people of all ages about dogs and their care and training needs.

If you are interested in hosting an event and would like some of our team and pack to join, please get in touch and we'll be happy to create a plan for you!

2022 Charity Walk
2022 Charity Walk

Some of our team and clients walked the Shiplake Circular at a whopping 10k to raise money for NAWT (The National Animal Welfare Trust).

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2021 Charity Walk
2021 Charity Walk

This year (2021) we raised £365 In aid of The Red Foundation Dachshund Rescue by walking the boundary of Maidenhead, a whopping 14.7 miles!  Did you know we have a Dachshund from Red in our team?

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Christmas Group Walk
Christmas Group Walk

At the end of last year we did a Christmas Group walk in order to raise money for SAFE - Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines - we had a whopping 26 dogs come along and the whole team and most of the pack joined for the walk. Well we are proud to announce that we raised a total of £276 all of which will be going straight to the charity to help support them and the horses they work with! Thank you so much to everyone who donated, supported us and joined for the day.

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2022 Charity Walk
2022 Charity Walk

Some of our team and clients walked the Shiplake Circular at a whopping 10k to raise money for NAWT (The National Animal Welfare Trust).

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Every year we aim to do our bit to give back and raise money for charities we hold close to our hearts. To take part with us or if you have a fundraising idea we are open and happy to help so please get in touch

So far we are proud to have raised money for the following charities:

  • The Red Foundation

  • The Brooke Charity

  • SAFE (Saving Abandoned Fly Grazing Equines)

  • NAWT (National Animal Welfare Trust)