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Staying cool - tips for warmer weather!

With warmer weather finally here - how do we ensure our dogs stay safe and can still enjoy the sunshine?

First things first - how hot is too hot?

No this totally depends on the dog, breed, age and any health concerns but there is a helpful chart which can give you an idea if you really aren't sure which i'll pop in below!

Things to watch out for: Brachycephalic breeds (French Bulldogs, Boxers ect), puppies and elderly dogs, long coated dogs or overweight dogs and pure black dogs will struggle more in the hotter weather and may need more support to stay cool and safe in the hotter weather.

Some dogs will have more tolerance to the heat than others and some will even enjoy the hotter weather like Odin in the photo above who loves sunbathing! It is important in the hot weather to ensure there is ample shade and fresh water at all times so your dog has opportunity to escape from the hot weather if they want to.

So with that in mind, what can we do to keep our dogs cool in the hotter weather?

1. Make sure fresh, clean water is always available

The most important thing for both dogs and people, i to drink plenty of fresh water. So make sure there are bowls of fresh water available at all times in case your dog needs a drink to cool off.

2. Always make sure there is shade available

It is important to ensure, just like us, that our dogs have shade to relax in if they're out in the garden or on a walk. Make sure they have access to come inside if your garden isn't really shaded or put up a shade structure so there is somewhere for them to relax out of the sun.

3. Put up a doggy paddling pool!

Some dogs would really enjoy a doggy paddling pool to splash, play and cool off on the hotter days! It's also great if your dog does get a bit toasty as you can pop them in to cool them off and have a little pool party

4. Walk early in the morning or late at night and not at midday

When the weather is warm, make sure to only take your dog for a walk at the cooler times of the day like earlier in the mornings and later in the evenings. Avoid midday when it's at it's hottest and stay in shaded areas or around water if you can so you're dog doesn't get too hot.

5. Always check the temperature of the pavement before taking your dog out for a walk

Dogs paw pads can easily get burnt on hot pavements so it's important in the warmer weather to check the pavement temperature. You can do this by placing the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog!

6. Miss a walk if it's too hot

Most dogs really won't mind if they have to miss a walk because of the heat and it really is better to not exercise them at all so that they don't end up suffering with heat stroke.

Know the signs of heatstroke!

In the hot weather, the thing you need to bear in mind is heatstroke which is where the dog get's too hot and if not dealt with it can be fatal.

Familiarize yourself with the signs of heatstroke and if at any point you are concerned, take your dog to the vets immediately. If you aren't sure whether it's too hot for your dog or not, always air on the side of caution and skip the walk, your dog will manage even a few days without a walk but heatstroke is incredibly dangerous.


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