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Rescue case - Kira

Meet Kira!

Kira is a Romanian rescue mixed breed who we started working with a few years ago with her previous owners. She is turning 5 this year and is looking for her forever home!

Lovely Kira came to us after her previous owners decided she wasn't right for them and so we agreed to take her on as a rescue case and find her a new home.

Kira is a lovely, sweet girl who has had a bit of a tough start since she came over to the UK. She was a street dog who was expected to be about 3 years old when she was brought over. She was put into a foster home as soon as she came over and having never been in a home or with a family before, understandably struggled. She was too scared to have a lead, harness or collar put on and so couldn't be walked and showed reactivity towards the male member of the household on occasion. She was then rehomed to a lovely family who had all the best intentions but had never had a dog before let alone a dog who had never had a family before and again, they couldn't put her on the lead, showed reactivity to the two adult males of the house and became overly attached to the female of the house to the point that she was breaking out of metal crates if she had to be left away from her.

We started working with the family and made great progress! We got her on the lead and out of the house so that she could start exploring the world, getting the exercise she needed and most importantly - have some time out of the 4 walls she had been living in since she was adopted. We worked on her self confidence, got her comfortable and safe in a crate when unsupervised and helped her to start getting comfortable and safe around the men as her reactivity was coming from a fear of men which is very common in street dogs from abroad. Despite making lots of progress, the family were still struggling in some situations and so decided to rehome her to a more suited home. That's when we took her on as a rehoming case.

She is a lovely girl but is ideally looking for a quieter life than what we have as she can find the busy hustle and bustle of life a bit stressful. She is a very loving and people oriented dog, she favours women but is comfortable with most men and if she isn't comfortable, she is easy to manage with simple training that she already knows and practices with us regularly. She is sociable and friendly with other dogs however doesn't like dogs rushing into her space or being too in her face. Although she lives fine with our pack, we do believe she would be happier as an only dog or living with an older, chilled out as she is independent and really enjoys having her own space.

She is recall trained although she does have a pretty high prey drive so her new owners will need to continue with the training we have already done in order to keep her engaged and continue to build on her recall out and about. She has been to garden centres, coffee shops, on a steam train, in busy towns, to the beach and been to lots of different dog walking spots with us without issues. She is keen to please her owners and always tries her best with anything and everything that you ask!

Her training includes:




Let's go (follow)


Loose lead walking

Crate trained

She is currently raw fed and on supplementation as she has got some mild allergies to grain which we are keen for her new home to carry on as it is an important aspect of her health that we have worked hard to resolve for her own benefit. She is a long coated dog so does need some regular grooming including regular brushing and the occasional trim on her feet and around her rear end. She has seen several groomers and is getting much more comfortable being professionally groomed however she will need a patient and experienced groomer to continue to help work on getting her positive experiences. She is happy having her nails cut at home or at the groomers and can easily be bathed, brushed and have fur cut if needed.

Since she's been with us, we have had a wishlist so that any of our followers can purchase her products as a gift that will go with her to her new home and so her new owners will be gifted a box of toys, treats and other helpful items that have been purchased for her during her time with us. As part of her adoption fee her new owners will also receive ongoing training support plus discounts towards training sessions with our team so we can help support her new owners in continuing with her training.

If you're interested in finding out more about Kira, head on over to our rescue page or drop one of our team a message and we'll be happy to tell you all about her!


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