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Behind the camera - our experience at Kerto Studio!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

As most of our clients will know - i'm a bit of a photography fanatic!

You'll more often than not see me at a session, on the floor, with my camera trying to get the best shots of the dogs we work with. There is something about getting that really nice shot that makes an owner smile that just makes betting all mucky and licked in the face totally worth it!

However, I am not a professional photographer and as much as I love photography, my passion is training and my skill is limited to what I can do on the side of my current job role.


We have been to a professional shoot before with India and Lottie and it really is special to come away with some really beautiful pictures of your dogs! However we have been looking for a pet photographer to sort of partner up with and get some lovely pictures of our pack and also offer sessions for our clients where something like this simply wouldn't have been possible before.

We were recommended by a friend to contact Kerto, from Kerto Studio's based in Winnersh, Wokingham and we are so glad we did!

Kerto offers a one to one service for you and your dog to either have a studio shoot or an outside shoot at an agreed location and captures the personality and beauty of your dog perfectly!

One of the things I love most about Kerto is her passion for creating artwork. It's not just about getting a 'good' shot and selling a ton of products. Kerto spends time to get to know you and your dog, find the best placement so your dog is happy and comfortable, takes a ton of shots to make sure you get that 'wow' image and then spends hours editing to make sure your dogs image is the best it can be. It's a truly special experience and I am astounded by the amount of hard work and love that goes into creating those images!

Kerto started out photographing people and then transitioned into pet photography after being asked several times if she would photograph people's dogs. She now specializes in pet photography and has award wining images that are simply beautiful to look at and are genuinely one of a kind.

Here are a few of some of those award wining images below:

She also offers a huge range of high quality products to get your images printed onto and will even come to your house to advise on the the best placement for your wall art so your images compliment your home and look amazing.


Our Session

We took our old boy Kalle to see her In January to try and get some nice photo's of him. As most will know Kalle is quite poorly and we aren't sure how long we will have left with him. Capturing his life with us is important, our dogs are family and we want to have memories of his life with us.

Kalle can be a difficult one to photograph as his natural look is quite sad and depending on how he's feeling he's either sleeping or jumping around trying to find food or be cuddled by someone. Kerto was brilliant with him! She was patient whilst we settled him and took lots of breaks so he was enjoying the shoot as much as possible.

Kerto blocks out a decent amount of time for the shoot and is so accommodating to both humans and dogs. We were both offered drinks, fancy chocolates and Kalle was cuddled and stroked whilst we were chatting - which he loved!

In her studio she has ton's of different props to use from lovely furniture for a homely image to unique boxes for a more regal look. She has snuggly blankets, noisy toys, random sounds and cute props to catch any dogs attention. You really are spoilt for choice and there are so many options to capture whatever kind of image you are looking for.

She asks for about a week for editing and then we arrange a time to view the images she has. She really takes pride in her work and it is so clear to see! We were so spoilt for choice in the images she showed us it is easy to come away with tons of beautiful images of your dogs!

Here is one of the gorgeous photo's of Kalle:

We are so impressed with the service we received and are so excited to work with her more in the future. Kerto already has a ton of ideas for images with the rest of our pack and has been so generous in helping us and our clients to receive the best service we possibly can.

We really wouldn't go to anyone else and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some seriously special images of their dogs.

Thank you so much Kerto!

If you'd like to speak to Kerto about photographing your dog, here's how:


Or follow her on social media to see more of her beautiful images:


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