McTimoney manipulation is a non-invasive technique that targets the nervous system . It unlocks the bodies innate intelligence and allows it to begin healing itself. Due to the nature of the treatments and its holistic effects, we aim to treat the origin of a problem rather than the symptoms. Adjustments are quick and gentle to gain the desired effect without the use of force.


Animals suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems just like humans. McTimoney treatment can help relieve an animal's pain and restore movement after they've injured themselves. In the vast majority of cases, McTimoney practitioners see animals that have suffered injury due to a trauma such as an accident, fall, bump or collision. However, problems can also be caused due to issues such as excess weight and, conformation defects in dogs, or incorrect foot balance saddle fitting issues, or rider imbalance in the case of horses.


Massage techniques aim to rebalance the animal’s muscular frame, focussing on the large muscle groups as the key areas which affect performance. Treatment involves both soft and deep massage as well as trigger point therapy to stimulate the body to achieve symmetry, comfort and return to normal flexibility. 

The benefits of massage therapy can be broadly divided into the physical benefits and psychological advantages for the animal, however they are both closely interrelated. 

Psychological Advantages:

  • Stimulates relaxation.

  • Increased comfort and freedom.

  • Long-term improved attention due to the removal of discomfort and tightness.

Physical benefits:

  • Stimulation of the nervous system.

  • Increase blood flow.

  • Accelerates lymphatic drainage.

  • Increases flexibility and elasticity.

  • Improves muscle quality and suppleness.

  • Reduces pain and relief of compensatory muscles.

  • Reduces stiffness.

  • Increases range and freedom of movement

  • Improves stamina and gait quality.

  • Prevents injury, aids rehabilitation and delays the onset of fatigue.

We use our Photizo to treat a variety of problems in domestic animals. It provides a short, pre-programmed amount of red light at the click of a button. Treatment using the Photizo, much like our other services, is non-invasive yet very effective allowing your animals to recover faster without side effects and complications. Photizo can also be used as a long-term drug-free option for pain relief for degenerative conditions such as arthritis. 

How does it work?

Light therapy works by energising compromised cells and increasing blood flow, using highly beneficial wavelengths of LED light. When light therapy is applied quickly after acute injury, the process of cell death is revised which will lead to quicker healing and recovery.


What are the benefits?

  • Increased energy in cells

  • Faster cellular regeneration

  • Prevents cell death within 4-6 hours of injury

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Increases lymphatic activity

  • Increases circulation

  • Increases immune activity

  • Provides pain relief

  • Stimulates calmness

  • Regulates collagen production

  • Reducing swelling and inflammation

For more detailed information on the therapies listed above, please contact Amber.


Information taken from Tony's website.


LASER THERAPY generates a chemical response in damaged tissues by a process called photobiomodulation. This process stimulates healing at a cellular level by enabling these damaged cells to more rapidly produce energy via accelerated ATP production. It is useful for helping to treat soft tissue and joint related conditions. Used in conjunction with osteopathic treatment we have found it to be beneficial for many conditions and situations.


THE USE of high definition infrared thermal imaging is an extremely safe, and useful way of assessing musculoskeletal problems, and their progress during osteopathic treatment programs. It is a non-invasive instrument that measures heat radiated off the body of a patient due to blood flow directly under the skin. This blood flow is controlled by part of the autonomic nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Studies on humans have found that changes in blood flow under the skin result in altered temperature readings that correspond to nerve pathway patterns (dermatomes) throughout the body. By thermal imaging a patient it is possible to determine areas of musculoskeletal disturbance, as well as build up a database during a program of osteopathic treatment. For this to be effective, all IRTI scanning has to be carried out under strictly controlled conditions to ensure accurate readings are obtained.

For more detailed information on Laser Therapy or Thermal Imaging please contact us.