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Age: years old
Neutered: Yes
Breed: Romanian mixed breed
Size: Large (39kg)
Medical needs: None
Behavioral needs: Sansa can be nervous and needs further training with her new owners to help her feel confident!

Available: 09.04.24

Sansa is a big girl with a big heart and despite her nervousness towards the world around her, she really tries hard and want's to trust and not be afraid. Having been brought over from Romania back in 2021 and immediately placed into a family home, Sansa understandably became nervous of the changes that came with her new life and started displaying leash reactivity towards both people and dogs.

We know very little about Sansa's past life but sadly, a lot of dogs that have been spending their early life over in countries like Romania are not well looked after and with minimal training and support as they settle into their new lifestyle, find the changes overwhelming. Sansa is not an unusual case for us and actually is a minor case who is just scared and doesn't know how to deal with her fear in any other way apart from barking and lunging.

Sansa is very nervous of people she doesn't know and will bark and lunge at them as they come near her. She gets startled easily and is very jumpy however, despite her nervousness, she trusts quickly and tries really hard. She was originally muzzled for her first introductions with the team but after less than half an hour the whole team were comfortable working her off muzzle and had no further need for it. She is not a dog that wants to bite and never has done, she is simply scared and isn't sure how to deal with new people coming into her space.

She also shows some nervous reactivity towards other dogs, specifically on the lead and again will bark and lunge as they come near her. Despite this, she is not aggressive and is very sociable with other dogs and enjoys their company! It is typical for dogs like Sansa from abroad to show leash reactivity as she will have spent her entire life before coming to the UK off lead with lots of other dogs being able to socialise freely. The lead being on creates tension and confusion and paired with her being nervous, makes the reactivity show. She actually really likes other dogs and will be spending time with our team learning how to greet other dogs and ignore them on the lead to reduce and leash reactivity and frustration that she is feeling.

All in all, Sansa is a really lovely dog who just needs someone who is willing to put the work in and help her to grow confidence and learn about the world around her. She has not been cat or child tested at this current moment but if you are interested in her and have either a cat or children under 11, please get in contact with our team to discuss. Other than that, Sansa is a lovely dog and we are looking forward to working with her to combat some of her behavioral issues and get her ready for finding a new home!

Training skills:

  • crate trained

  • knows sit

  • walks to heel

  • good with people

Needs to work on:

  • recall

  • calmness in and out of the house

  • dog neutrality

  • Meeting new people

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