Depending on the severity of behavioural problems we offer a range of in house training for your dog to come and live with our team and work intensely on the behavioural problems 

you are facing. In this time, your dog will learn how to overcome issues like; people aggression, dog aggression, anxiety, fears, and how to deal with general life situations. We also offer day care and overnight boarding specifically for clients who want their dogs to be in a structured and homely environment.

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Residential training is for dogs that require more than one to one or group training sessions. In some cases, dogs need to be removed from their home environment in order to begin a rehabilitation process. In particular, dogs with dog aggression problems benefit greatly by being immersed in an environment with a pack of social, balanced dogs. Dogs who are candidates for the residential training will show any of the following traits:

  • Aggressive towards other dogs or humans

  • Highly anxious or fearful dogs

  • Unresponsive to commands and out of control

  • Nearly impossible to walk on a leash

During residential training dogs receive one-on-one training from the team, along with joining the pack for walks and social time and we work on specific goals set by you and our team. We will proof the training we do by taking your dog out to places that would have triggered a response before and may have been too difficult before the training so that we know how your dog will respond and can teach you how to deal with these situations in the future.

Each client is given an approximate length of time in weeks based on the initial session and observation from a member of our team. This will depend on your dogs ability during residential training so duration can vary once residential has begun. If your dog goes home early, the extra amount will be removed from the final bill. If your dog needs to stay longer, charges will apply once discussed with a member of the team.

At the end of the residential training period, you will need to put aside two hours for a handover session. During this session we will go through the training we have been doing, teach you what training you need to know going forward and set the structure in place for the next few weeks to help your dog to transfer the training they have completed over the time with us into your home.

Once your dog is back with you that is not the end of the story. To make sure your dog carries on with the training we have taught them we strongly advise doing one to one sessions to help you to learn how to work your dog and go through scenarios that would have been impossible or incredibly stressful before training. We also advise that you join some of our group training sessions so that you can work your dog in a group setting with other clients who have gone through the training process.




For our client’s dogs, we offer top up weeks for your dog to come and stay with us in a structured environment to top up their training and work on any smaller issues. With 2 pack walks, play time and some training mixed in. A calm and controlled environment with still all the fun.

This is a drop off and pick up only service.