Physical Therapy is beneficial to both leisure and competition animals, whether it is to promote healing for an injury, to help prevent injury during the competition season or just for maintenance to keep them supple and relaxed.

It is important that you regularly check your animal to ensure he is happy and healthy and in tip-top condition but also help you recognise any changes early on so you can seek treatment sooner rather than later. A physical well-being check can make a huge difference to mobility and capability quite often helping to resolve common lameness and performance issues.

Our rehabilitation services are also available for other animals, such as horses.

Rehabilitation services will become available in April 2021.



£60 PER HOUR | £30 PER 30 MINS

Massage techniques aim to rebalance the animal’s muscular frame, focussing on the large muscle groups as the key areas which affect performance. Treatment involves both soft and deep massage as well as trigger point therapy to stimulate the body to achieve symmetry, comfort and return to normal flexibility.

The benefits of massage therapy can be broadly divided into the physical benefits and psychological advantages for the animal, however they are both closely interrelated. 


Psychological Advantages:

  • Stimulates relaxation.

  • Increased comfort and freedom.

  • Long-term improved attention due to the removal of discomfort and tightness.

Physical benefits:

  • Stimulation of the nervous system.

  • Increase blood flow.

  • Accelerates lymphatic drainage.

  • Increases flexibility and elasticity.

  • Improves muscle quality and suppleness.

  • Reduces pain and relief of compensatory muscles.

  • Reduces stiffness.

  • Increases range and freedom of movement

  • Improves stamina and gait quality.

  • Prevents injury, aids rehabilitation and delays the onset of fatigue.



£60 PER HOUR | £30 PER 30 MINS

McTimoney manipulation is a non-invasive technique that targets the nervous system. It unlocks the bodies innate intelligence and allows it to begin healing itself. Due to the nature of the treatments and its holistic effects, we aim to treat the origin of a problem rather than the symptoms. Adjustments are quick and gentle to gain the desired effect without the use of force.


Animals suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems just like humans. McTimoney treatment can help relieve an animal's pain and restore movement after they've injured themselves. In the vast majority of cases, McTimoney practitioners see animals that have suffered injury due to a trauma such as an accident, fall, bump or collision. However, problems can also be caused due to issues such as excess weight and, conformation defects in dogs, or incorrect foot balance saddle fitting issues, or rider imbalance in the case of horses.


Therapies also offered for horses and humans please contact the therapy team for further information.





We run special Canine Therapy Days featuring Tony Nevin from Zoo Ost Ltd who works alongside Amber to create a great Rehabilitation program for your dog.

Working through these patterns using gentle techniques that engage with each patient, Tony helps to reset the resting state of the musculoskeletal system. By rebalancing the whole-body framework patients usually move with greater freedom and fluidity. We have seen great improvements in behaviour after 1-2 treatments alongside the training from Nathan and Charlotte.

The next Canine Therapy days is the 28th February and 10th-11th April restrictions pending.

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