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Age: years old
Neutered: Yes
Breed: Patterdale Terrier
Size: Small (7.5kg)
Medical needs: None
Behavioral needs: Pumpkin is a sweet, young dog with a big personality and needs a family to continue her training!

RESERVED - Pumpkin is now reserved and getting ready to go on trial to her potential forever home!

Pumpkin is such a sweet and fun loving young lady with a lot of love to give! She is a typical terrier and has a BIG personality, a lot of energy and enjoys an adventure but in the house she is the chilled and cuddly small dog of your dreams. She is a lovely family dog who loves spending time with her people and going for long walks but does need a family who will continue to grow her confidence and keep working on her training as she continues to learn and grow.

With people, Pumpkin is a perfect little miss! She loves cuddles under a blanket, belly rubs and spending time with her people both at home and out and about. She loves going for long walks and exploring new places with her people too - anywhere she can play and sniff is a big winner for our Pumpkin!

Pumpkin is a bit nervous of dogs she doesn't know and will often prefer not to meet new dogs immediately if she has the choice not to. She can get snappy with dogs who immediately try to get into her face and would rather be ignored until she feels ready to say hello in her own time. She is however, very friendly and sociable with other dogs and once she is confident, loves to play and spend time with other dogs! She has been living with 8 other dogs since she came to us and is really coming out of her shell and finding her confidence with them which has been so lovely to see! Her only real issue is that she can sometimes feel the need to resource guard food from other dogs around in the house. She is currently fed in her crate and find it more comfortable this way with other dogs in the house leaving her alone but has been fine taking treats with other dogs nearby and we will continue to work on her being comfortable with other dogs around with food and chews like antlers.

This little miss is a typical terrier and can be a bit barky! As with most terriers, her automatic reaction to anything is to bark at it - scared, excited, over whelmed - must bark! We are working on her reacting to things in a less noisy way but being a terrier, she will never not ever bark as its in her nature. That being said, she is already showing great progress with her barking and is much less triggered by noises and settled really well. Being a typical terrier, she does also have quite a high prey drive and will try to chase cats and other small animals. It is for this reason that we think she would benefit from not being in a home with cats or small animals for both hers and the other animals safety. Out on walks, she is getting much better at ignoring other animals and this is something we will continue to work on with her as she continues her journey with us. 

All in all, Pumpkin is a lovely little girl and will make someone a lovely family pet! She is great with children, good on the lead and enjoys chilling out in her crate. She is going to make someone a lovely dog and we are looking forward to seeing her progress in her journey with us!

Training skills:

  • crate trained

  • knows sit

  • walks to heel

  • good with people

Needs to work on:

  • recall

  • calmness in and out of the house

  • calmly meeting other dogs

  • minor resource guarding food from other dogs

  • barking

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