Overcoming a professional confidence blow

Some of you may know me - I'm Amber, the McTimoney Chiropractor, Director, Mum, Wife, Sister and Daughter, Homeowner, Dog mum and all-round superwoman (so my cousin keeps telling me!). Have you ever had a bad day and just needed to remind yourself that you ARE damn awesome! I feel like have had to drum it into myself the past few weeks and here is why... (Don't panic this is not a life memoir but more of a mental health check, I feel many others out there might be in need of too, so I'm sharing!).

My clients may see the happy, bubbly back lady who is always up for a good chat, but recently I have been feeling quite deflated with my work and somewhat at a standstill. Hard to believe I know! I don't think my colleagues would ever agree that I'm capable of a 'standstill'. However, since starting this business with my two partners, I have felt nothing but every emotion possible in a good way. Developing Holistic Hounds has been the most exciting, nerve-wracking, stressful, and rewarding thing I've done (besides the kids!). Having come from using my therapies as more of a hobby alongside a full-time job in healthcare it has been quite the leap both professionally and personally. I have never felt more empowered and keen to develop my skills to complement our growing e