Kinesiology Taping Isn't Just For Performance

Kinesiology tape started of, as most modalities do, being designed for human use. It is becoming more and more apparent now that horses and dogs can also benefit from taping for a variety of conditions as well as to improve well-being. There are lots of different applications that can assist muscles during rest/exercise, support of muscular injuries, offer fascial release, improve circulation and lymph drainage and reduce scar tissue.

The tape itself is very different to 'strapping' or non-elastic sports tape. The tape itself has a elastic structure to the fibres as well as a 'wave pattern' to the adhesive. These two elements combined allow the tape to interact with the skin, hair and associated mechanoreceptors, pulling in different directions and decompressing the structures below the skin and creating 'space'.

You can see from the image above, the difference between an ultrasound of a muscle with and without kinesiology tape. The 'space' that the tape has created (image on the right) will allow increased blood flow, lymph drainage and removal of built up waste products.

But kinesiology tape doesn't just stop there! You can apply it to assist a specific muscle or muscle group to contract or relax as well as provide pain relief and much more. Therefore is perfect for use in both training and conditioning as well as in rehabilitation and clinical recovery.

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