CASE STUDY - A Team Approach

This is Sam a 9 year old black Labrador....

I had the pleasure of first meeting Sam a few months ago when his owner noticed his discomfort after chasing about in a field on one of his walks and as an ex-chiropractor herself wanted to get him checked out.

During my treatment with Sam I noticed his pads where sticking upwards and he was rocked right back on his foot, not weightbaring properly and heavily compensating in his other hind and in front. After a few treatments we weren't quite seeing the changes we would have liked to see and i felt it appropriate to refer back to the vet for further investigation and I consulted with (our partner Tony Nevin at Zoo Ost Ltd). It was that the cause of the pain was the check ligaments between the middle toes, resulting in a strain the the digital flexors and the extensors over working.

With guidance from Tony we decided to try, an put together an exercise and treatment plan to see if we could get Sam stronger and build the leg up in hope it would improve and take pressure off his other supporting structures which where now under quite a bit of strain. After an osteopathic treatment from Tony himself, releasing of the myofascial chains and restoring the resting state of the body, Sam started to improve a little.

A few weeks in Sam began to show signs of pain again and his owner took him back to the vet and consulted a specialist who removed the medial toe due to suspected tumors (benign) there and then. With the added pressure on the foot from the tumours removed and therefore less strain on the damaged check ligaments Sam is now a few weeks post surgery and is walking better then ever and is a happy boy again. We will continue treatments to begin unwinding the compensations and help build Sam up nice and strong and help him balance on his new 'streamlined' foot!

The picture below (and above) is of Sam last week before and after treatment.