We offer a couple of packages for specific behavioural problems where we block out a number of weekly sessions to work on a specific issues. There are a great way to block out regular, tailored and structured sessions to help you and your dog achieve your goals and overcome any issues you are facing. These packages are focused on teaching you and your dog how to deal with everyday situations so you can enjoy life out and about and at home together. These sessions are blocked in at the same time each week for consistency. Additional sessions may be needed based on your's and your dogs ability to piuck up the training and the amount of work outside of the sessions you put in.

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Where you get the weekly motivation

Where your dog learns freedom

Where you and your puppy start your journey together

The Off-lead package is 4 hours of training including our longline to help get your dog from never being off lead or a poor recall to off lead in situations where most dogs would struggle.

A long line is included in this package but any other training tools are extra.

This package is for 6 one to one sessions. This gives you the motivation and commitment to go the whole way through the training at a discounted price. These will be held at different locations depending on the training and behavioural problems.

This pack is a great starter pack for any puppies up to a year old who are not showing aggression issues. The packages included 1 hour consult to go through information and gage how much you know. Then 6 half an hour session to help teach the foundations of lose lead walking, recall, place, leave it, basic obedience and more.

If you would like any in house training, please fill in the request form.