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Age: 2 years old
Neutered: Yes
Breed: French Bulldog

Medical needs: 2 hemi-vertebrae managed with Osteopathy and minimal restricted exercise
Behavioural needs: Pablo needs a home with no young children as he has been known to get snappy with people in his face when he is in pain


Pablo is a sweet, fun loving boy who really loves people and dogs and enjoys being a part of every day life. He is a young boy who enjoys sunbathing, going on walks and having cuddles with his people! He is very capable and active for a Frenchie and has been enjoying his training sessions with our team. He is also a smart boy who picks up on things pretty quickly despite his breeding and enjoys learning new things.

Pablo does have some medical needs that his new owners need to be aware of before taking him on. He has 2 hemi vertebrae in his lower back which is where 2 vertebrae developed abnormally. There is no way of 'fixing' this however there are things we can do to help keep him out of pain and feeling comfortable. So at the moment he is on restricted exercise of between 30-40 mins walks twice a day and seeing our Osteopath once a month to keep him on the right track and we've seen great progress with him! If you'd like more information on his medical needs, one of our team will be happy to advise.

As a result of his unknown medical needs at the time, Pablo did end up biting a child who went to give him a cuddle and kiss goodnight and accidently touched a sore spot on his back. As a result, we are looking for a home with
no children under the age of 11 or no children at all so we can ensure Pablo and his new family are safe if he does end up in pain again. Any interested family will get an honest conversation with our behavioural team to discuss the incident and advise on his behavioural needs in his new home. Since working with our team, we have not seen any indications of pain or aggressive behaviour from Pablo so are confident with the right boundaries in place, Pablo will be not be a risk to family members.

Pablo has not been cat tested although he does get excited when he sees them out on walks so we are thinking a cat free home would be the most suitable for him. He has seen our pet rabbits and has shown not interest and has also seen horses and shows no interest. Pablo LOVES other dogs and we think would love a home with another dog! He will need a slightly calmer dog as it won't be good for his back to be playing with another dog all the time but he has met and socialised really well with a variety of other dogs.

Pablo really is the loveliest boy and having him with us has been a complete joy! He rarely barks or makes a fuss, sits calmy for food and to come in and out of his crate and is very loving. He is really going to make someone a wonderful dog!

If you think you could give Pablo his perfect forever home, please fill out our rescue interest form below and a member of the team will be in touch! 

Training skills:

  • walks to heel

  • crate trained

  • knows sit and down

  • started recall training

  • started place training in the house

Needs to work on:

  • continued recall training

  • continued place training

  • further socialisation with other dogs

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