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Age: 3 years old
Neutered: Yes
Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Medical needs: none
Behavioural needs: Otto needs a home with patient owners who can continue to build his confidence with strangers and other dogs


Otto is a sweet, friendly boy who is a little nervous about life and needs some help to gain confidence in the world around him. He is a very friendly boy who loves people once he gets to know them and is really enjoying getting to know other dogs too without the pressure of having to meet and interact with them. He is learning to be more chilled out and relaxed in the home and is doing really well so far - he doesn't mind his crate and is happy to chill out in there when he's unsupervised.

Otto is nervous of people he doesn't know and takes time to trust strangers. In the past, he has ended up biting a few people when he's been unsure on what to do and so his new owners will need to be patient and give him the training he needs to help him feel relaxed when meeting new people. He is a very friendly and loving boy once he gets to know you and is really good at telling you when he is uncomfortable or nervous so he is a really easy dog to work with and is taking to his training really well. He can also show some reactivity towards other dogs out on walks, mainly when other dogs go into his face. He is quite happy to ignore dogs when they ignore him and with some support with the more challenging dogs, he is easy to move on with minimal issues.

Otto has not been cat tested
although he does get excited when he sees them out on walks so we are thinking a cat free home would be the most suitable for him. He has seen our pet rabbits and has shown not interest and has also seen horses and shows no interest. Otto does enjoy being with other dogs however does find the more excitable and in your face dogs challenging. So we think he'd be best placed with another calm dog who can give him confidence and be a calming influence for him as he continues his training.

Otto really is a sweet boy who just needs some support and guidance and we are really enjoying getting to know him. He is taking to the big changes of his life really well and we are looking forward to working with him to further grow his confidence and continue his training.

Otto does have a placement lined up and will be going out on trail with a potential family once he has done some further training and is in a better place to be with a new family! However, keep an eye on our social media to see if this changes if you are interested in Otto.

Training skills:

  • walks to heel

  • crate trained

  • knows sit and down

  • started place training in the house

  • comfortable with calmer dogs

Needs to work on:

  • socialisation with other dogs

  • calmness around strangers

  • recall training

  • general anxiety and calmness

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