We offer a wide range of one to one training sessions to cater to the needs of you and your dog. Depending on what you and your dog need, our one to one sessions are individually tailored to the problems you are facing or the goals you want to achieve. Throughout these sessions we meet at different locations to work on the training activities you have learnt out and about and in everyday situations.

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Where the magic happens

Where the journey starts

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Where you get the ongoing support

Diagnostic sessions take place at our business address where we can use the area surrounding us to assess the behavioural problems you are facing in a controlled environment. We always want to see first hand what problems you are experiencing so that we can understand the issues fully and help to advise the best training methods to help you and your dog.

This session lasts between 2-3 hours maximum and is a time for us as a team to get to know you, your dog, your family and the issues you are facing as a whole picture. Firstly, we will sit down and have a chat so that we can get a true understanding of your life and your dog's life, asking questions on food, nutrition, exercise and dynamics in the house that will give us a good picture of what could be going on for your dog and what changes would benefit your dog’s overall behavioural and health needs.

During the initial session, we will work on some of the basic problems and explain why the problems are occurring so that you not only understand why your dog is doing something but also how you can help them and why the training we are teaching you will help them.

Once you have had your initial session you can start your 1-1 coaching to help you and your dog with its behaviour problems. Working wherever the problem occurs; in the home, park, groomers, vets and anywhere else, our aim in these sessions is to teach you how to live life and do everyday things with your dog as easily and most enjoyably as possible.

These sessions are about an hour long and can be held:

This is specifically for dogs who need socializing around other dogs in an off lead and controlled environment. This is a 45 min session held at your house in the garden where we bring the BECT pack and teach you how best to socialise your dog in a pack setting. We will look at dog etiquette, communication, play and teach you how to read other dogs body language and expressions so you can make an informed decision when out and about on whether you want your dog to interact with an off or on lead dog approaching you.


Training your dog is a lifelong commitment and it is always a good idea to keep on top of basic training to keep yours and your dogs relationship strong and naughty habits to a minimum. These one hour sessions are for clients who have done the bulk of their training and achieved their main goals but want to do a one off to keep on the right track and deal with any naughty habits that my have crept in. These are a great way to continue keeping on top of your dogs behaviour and to make sure you are continuing with the training you and your dog need.


Aggression towards dogs or humans. Occurring around feeding times, furniture, and other territorial problems.


Anxieties around separation, people, thunder, fireworks, noise.


Including, but not limited to, pulling on leads, excessive licking, barking or whining.


Fear of humans, dogs, grooming, health checks, leads, car rides, places, and anything else your dog might encounter.


Including counter surfing, stealing food, eating unmentionable items.


In addition to problem issues, Balanced Energy Canine Training also cover all of the basic good dog behaviour.

At your home

BECT bases the basic training first at the home where distractions can be controlled, for a safer and more successful session.

At the vet

We understand that the vets can be a stressful place for all involved when things don't go to plan. Sometimes a little help is needed to gain control in a calm way, which will enable the vets to be able to help your dog as best they can, without worry of your dog panicking, biting, or hurting themselves.

With your dog walker

To help you and your dog to achieve their goals everyone associated with your dogs daily care and routine needs to be consistent and on the same page. If you use a dog walker, this also needs to be taken into account as what your dog walker does on walks may be different and will therefore affect your dogs behaviour and can cause issues throughout training. We will work with dog walkers and boarders to help you and your dog too have consistency in training so you can achieve your goals together.