Nathan, the founder of BECT, has always had a passion for dogs. Growing up with them, if you ever lost Nathan all you had to do was find a dog and he was sure to be there.

Whilst still at school he would help out at the local dog training club which made him realise that a career with dogs was for him. Once old enough, he volunteered at a dog behaviour centre in Wokingham that taught him a lot about behavioural modification training and dogs with varying behavioural problems.

After school he undertook the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management at the Berkshire College of Agriculture, which he successfully completed.

In May 2015, Nathan flew to work with the talented Brian Agnew and Cheri Lucas in Los Angeles. Nathan shadowed Brian for 10 days, learning how to truly connect and understand dogs and their behaviour issues and help dogs with challenging behaviours that may otherwise not have much hope.

Nathan has a passion for helping people and their dogs find harmony and enjoyment in their relationship. He is also passionate at making sure we look at every aspect of your dog that may be affecting their behaviour like; nutrition, boundaries, exercise and the overall relationships. He is a naturally confident person who is comfortable dealing with aggression cases and has specialised in people aggression cases for years. He is the founder of Balanced Energy Canine Training and the vision that guides the way we train and teach today.


Charlotte loves dogs and loves helping dogs to reach their potential. She has spent years of her life studying dog behaviour, psychology and training so that she is able to understand dogs and why they do certain behaviours.


In school she studied behavioural psychology and learning theory to then go on to do a diploma in animal behaviour and psychology, passing with ease. She started to volunteer at a behavioural centre in Wokingham where she learnt about different dog training methods and spent time working alongside some of their trainers to learn more about dog behaviour and how we can help to train dogs with difficult behavioural needs. It’s here that she met Nathan and began working with him to learn more about dog behaviour and help to teach her own dogs.


Charlotte learnt first hand the challenges that came with a reactive dog when her family dog started showing dog reactivity. She went through many training methods before finally going through training with Nathan to help their dog to be more comfortable around other dogs and to be able to be off lead without freaking out. 

She has a real passion for rescue and rehabilitation and has a heart for helping people who are struggling with their dogs behavioural problems and don’t know what else to do. She loves to be able to help people and their dogs to live the life that they want to without fear of something going wrong.

Charlotte has a very calm personality making nervous dogs feel more comfortable around her and is very comfortable working with dog reactivity cases having been through the training first hand.