India is our Pointer cross that was rescued from Romania in a bit of a state. She had been badly abused and was severely underweight as well as showing fear aggression to both people and dogs. Her previous owners were unable to cater for her needs and so she came to join the BECT team.

After some one to one work with Nathan working on her fear and building her confidence, he realised that there was a really lovely dog underneath it all and she became a permanent member of the team!

Her calmness around other dogs and playful side bring out the best in all the dogs we work with. Her balanced energy and just plain chill means we can rely on her every move when working reactive dogs.

India is a sweet girl who is great at teaching other dogs how to be as chilled as she is as well as building their confidence and bringing out the best in those she works with.


Lottie is our working Spaniel who came to us at 11months because her previous home wasn’t the right fit for her. She was a nervous little girl who became snappy when she was scared and was overly obsessive with food. She has learnt a lot in the time she has been with us and is shaping into a fun loving and happy dog!


She is a playful pup who brings out the fun in other dogs and is happy to get up close and personal if she knows there might be a game to play. Her willingness to learn and drive to work makes her a great dog to have around as she is always up for working and keeps up with the BECT lifestyle well.

When she is not on the move, she is a nicknamed the 'snuggle bug' because there is nothing she loves more than to curl up in your lap and have a nap. When she is asked to be calm, she is great at holding that calmness - even with another puppy asking to play!


Her fun and outgoing personality bring a whole new kind of energy to the BECT pack and mean that other dogs who may not be as confident get invited into the play, cuddles and chill time that Lottie is so good at keeping to.


Peanut is a beautiful Staffie girl who was found tied up to a post in London. She was nervous and reactive to people and dogs and was over obsessive and could guard balls if she got overexcited.

Her owners have done amazingly well with her and she is a transformed girl who enjoys being around people, slots into packs really well and is respectful of space and toys in general. Her previous owners recently had a baby who has been very ill since birth and they unfortunately found out he is allergic to Peanut and so she came to join the BECT team to find a new home.


We soon realised that Peanut wasn’t going anywhere and decided that she fitted so well into our family so she just had to stay! Peanut is a typical happy go lucky, playful Staffie who loves to play ball, rough and tumble with dogs and cuddle up and lick anyone he can! She is great member of the pack as she is super calm and teaches other dogs how to be respectful of each other and also that she is the fastest dog when it comes to playing ball! Peanut has the kind of stare that can make her look quite scary (even though she isn’t!) and this can mean that some dog reactive dogs don’t like her initially. Being the calm girl that she is though, they soon realise that she is friendly and she is a great dog to have around to help teach reactive dogs how to cope with different dogs.


When she’s not chasing a ball or being used to train reactive dogs, Nut loves nothing more than a bed, a blanket and a nap somewhere warm! She is a typical Staffie who gets cold quite quickly and will let everyone know she is cold and isn’t happy about it. She love to play in the water with the girls but needs to be dried off and wrapped up quickly after otherwise you will never hear the end of it – literally!


Peanut’s calm and loving personality makes her a great addition to the pack and other dogs get to enjoy playing with her and even sometimes, sharing a bed and blanket in the warm!


Kalle is a 10 year old Romanian Rescue boy who came to us after his elderly owner became ill and was no longer to cater for his needs. He has spent a lot of time with the BECT pack and done lots of training as he was previously reactive and very nervous of people.

Kalle is a lovely, chilled out old soul who brings a sense of calmness wherever he goes. He is also a sprightly fella who loves being a part of the pack and going on the occasional long walk!

Unfortunately Kalle is quite unwell and is believed to have lung cancer. He has good days and bad but gets very unhappy and can be snappy when he isn't feeling very well. It is for this reason that we have decided he will be joining the BECT team permanently and living out the rest of his days with us - however long that may be!


Nova is our 2 year old, working line German Shepherd who has sadly, had a really rough start to life

Some of you will have seen Nova before as she came in for training a while ago to work on her reactivity and fear towards people. Sadly her previous owner wasn’t able to cater for her needs due to medical reasons so she came to us just before Christmas to see what else we could do to help her.

Nova is a sweet, energetic young girl with a whole lot of heart and since being with us has taken everything we’ve asked and absolutely aced it!

She had an awful start to life, was abused and starved as a puppy before being adopted by her previous owner and went through thousands of pounds worth of rehabilitation training with sadly no changes. Since joining our pack she hasn’t shown any aggression, is great at meeting strangers and has turned into a confident and playful young girl who just loves to please.

We have totally fallen for her (which I’m sure we all knew was going to happen!) and are thrilled to say she’s not going anywhere now.