Turn points into rewards


Our new loyalty points system is our way of thanking you for your supporting our small business. All your points are calculated online automatically so you don't need to worry. You will even receive an email when you have earnt rewards!

Check out ways to earn points below!

For more savings and to join our growing online community you can also become a Holistic Hounds Member. Find out more on the member's page.

Sign up and start enjoying our loyalty rewards off products and services you love!

Earn Points

Sign up for the loyalty program = 60 points
Sign up for our newsletter 
= 50 points
Purchase products = £1 spent >1 point 
Join our membership plan = 30 points
Join our sponsorship plan = 100 points
Book a service = 100 points


Redeem Rewards

200 points - 10% off 'Treats and Bones'
300 points - Free Postage
400 points - 10% off 'Supplements'
500 points - 1 Free Group Walk Ticket
600 points - 10% off All Products 
700 points - £10 off Train For You
800 points - £10 off One to One
1000 points - £20 off All Services