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Age: 3 years old
Neutered: Yes
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Size: Medium (13.6kg)

Medical needs: Tail biting (further discussed below)
al needs: Logan is a sweet and easy boy other than his issues with tail biting when stressed which are discussed further below.

ON TRIAL - Logan is on trial to his potential forever home!

Logan is the most gentle, loving and kind boy you will meet! He is an easy going, gentle boy, he loves going for walks and having a cuddle on the sofa staying warm in the colder weather. Logan is a very easy going and un complicated dog, he is calm, loving and just the sweetest little soul, he is going to make someone a lovely family dog that is for certain!

walks beautifully on the lead, is crate trained and enjoys being in his crate to de stress and knows how to sit both in and out of the house. He will continue some of his basic training with us but Logan's foundations are very strong and he manages well with most tasks asked of him without any fuss. He is very calm both in and out of the house and is perfectly happy following whoever is walking him anywhere you want to go!

Logan's only issue is that
he was surrendered to us because he was displaying ODC and destructive behaviors when he was stressed which led to him biting his tail and hurting himself. His previous vets recommended amputating half of his tail which his previous owners did end up doing in November to try and solve the behavior which sadly did not stop it and he is still able to bite her own tail. He is undergoing medical treatment to help to stop him from damaging his tail and work on helping him to manage his stress better so he doesn't feel as though he needs to hurt himself and so far he is doing really well with a one to one team member interrupting the behavior when he does it and redirecting him to a more constructive behavior. This is something his new owners will need to be aware of and will need to learn to deal with for his safety in the future.

We will continue to work on his stress management during his time with us and also some desensitisation on having his tail touched as understandably, he can be defensive of his tail after so long having people touch it and it being sore when he hurts it. This is something  we will re assess during his stay with us to make sure he is as comfortable as he can be and not worried about his tail being touched anymore.

Logan will be a superb family dog for anyone due to his kind and loving temperament! He is very friendly with people, other dogs, is good with cats and small animals and is generally an easy going and easy to manage dog. He really is a wonderful boy and we know he is going to make someone a wonderful dog!

Training skills:

  • walks to heel

  • crate trained

  • knows sit

  • friendly with other dogs

  • friendly with people

  • cat and small animal safe

Needs to work on:

  • recall

  • playing gently with other dogs

  • desensitisation with touching his tail

  • stress management

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