£10 per dog



£60 per puppy


Our group classes are a great opportunity for clients to carry on their training in a structured pack setting and work on specific training exercises with dogs of all different stages of training. Our team are there on hand to support everyone and it is a great opportunity to meet clients who have been through similar situations and work together throughout the classes

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Coming soon...

Where we all work together

Come and join us for a positive walking experience with like-minded people who know what it is like to have a dog with behavioural "issues".

The walk will take us along a variety of situations, in parks, across fields or even along the roads. During this session we will undertake a variety of training exercises. These can include place training, longline work or reactivity training dependent upon what people have been struggling with recently and all with the added distraction of other dogs!

This class is exclusive only to existing clients.

We are hoping to run puppy classes soon with 4 dogs in the class covering the basics for life training.